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Mission Hills, KS Lawn & Landscaping Services

Our team will turn your property into the best it can be with our lawn and landscaping services.

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We offer lawn and landscaping services to residential properties in Mission Hills, KS.

Our team provides outdoor living, lawn care and maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, and pest control services.

Mission Hills, KS, is a city in Johnson County and is home to over 3,500 people. From the roadsides to traffic islands within the city, visitors are welcomed with antique fountains, statues, and sculptures that add to its striking beauty. Mission Hills boasts a tightly-knit community that gathers every year for events such as the Verona Columns Concert, which people of all ages can enjoy! You can also practice your golf swing at Kansas City Country Club or Mission Hills Country Club!

Our team at Lawn and Landscape Solutions offers lawn and landscaping services to residential properties in Mission Hills, KS. We can handle your outdoor living, lawn care and maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, and pest control needs!

Our Outdoor Living Services Help Transform Your Property in Mission Hills, KS

Absolutely stunning outdoor living space with an outdoor kitchen, pool, and patio in Mission Hills, KS.

If you want an exceptional outdoor living space for your home in Mission Hills, KS, you've come to the right place! Our team offers outdoor living services to provide everything you need to build the perfect space and transform your property. From designing your outdoor living space to installing your desired softscape and hardscape elements, we're the best team for the job.

We can revitalize your property's looks with our landscaping services.

Our landscaping services ensure your landscape in Mission Hills, KS, looks its best all year long. We'll revitalize its appearance by keeping your landscape beds pristine and fresh and maintaining the healthy growth of your trees and shrubs! We can also illuminate your property and accentuate its details at night by installing landscape lighting. Check out all the landscaping services we offer below:

Take advantage of our snow removal service so you don't have to deal with this back-breaking task on your own.

Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services Include Fertilization, Lawn Mowing, Weed Control & More

Perfectly maintained and nurtured grass in the Mission Hills, KS area.

Taking care of your lawn is a lot of work, but you can leave all of it to our experts! We provide lawn care services that will keep your grass in Mission Hills, KS, growing strong and healthy all year long. Our team can also take care of maintenance services, such as lawn mowing and leaf removal to maintain its manicured appearance.

Keep your vegetation hydrated and healthy with our irrigation services.

Our team offers irrigation services to ensure your irrigation system is working perfectly to keep your vegetation hydrated and healthy. We can winterize your system to protect it from the frigid winters in Mission Hills, KS, then get it back online in the spring. Our team can also test your backflow prevention device to ensure it effectively prevents contaminated water from entering your drinking supply. Here are all the irrigation services we offer:

Our Pest Control Services Target Fleas, Ticks, Chiggers & More

A gross tiny red chigger crawling on a tree in Mission Hills, KS.

If you want to eliminate pests from your property in Mission Hills, KS, you should take advantage of our pest control services. We can stop fleas, ticks, and chiggers from invading your lawn and posing a threat to you and your pets. Our crew can also get rid of moles and voles!

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Our team at Lawn and Landscape Solutions provides comprehensive lawn and landscaping services for residential properties in Mission Hills, KS. We have 22 years of experience beautifying yards and outdoor living spaces, and we look forward to doing the same for you next! Give us a call today at (913) 238-9318 to schedule any of our services.