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Overseeding in Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, & KC Metro

Fill in bare and patchy areas to make your lawn thicker with our overseeding service!

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Overseeding Service in & Around Overland Park, Leawood & Mission Hills, KS

We use turf-type tall fescue seeds to grow new, healthy, resilient grass.

If you want to achieve a thick, dense lawn, you've come to the right place! Here at Lawn and Landscape Solutions, we offer an overseeding service, which involves spreading turf-type tall fescue seeds across your lawn to fill bare and patchy areas with new, healthy, resilient grass growth. We perform this service in the fall because this season provides ideal conditions for successful germination and establishment. Additionally, while we offer overseeding independently, we highly recommend pairing it with our aeration service, as it will give the seeds optimal contact with the soil and yield the best results.

Our overseeding service is available to residential properties in Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, KS, and other nearby areas, including those in Missouri. Call us today at (913) 238-9318 to schedule!

What types of seeds do we use for our overseeding service?

At Lawn and Landscape Solutions, we use turf-type tall fescue seeds for our overseeding service. These cool-season seeds will thrive in the climate here in the Overland Park, KS, area, plus bring the benefits of this grass type to your lawn! For example, it's known for being highly tolerant of extreme weather conditions, meaning it can withstand cold and hot temperatures and even periods of drought, plus frequent foot traffic. Not only that, but these seeds yield dense, dark green grass growth, taking your lawn from lackluster and patchy to thick and lush!

After spreading the grass seeds across your lawn, we'll apply a starter fertilizer to give them much-needed nutrients that bolster quicker germination.

When do we offer our overseeding service?

Because we use cool-season grass seeds for our overseeding service, we perform it in the fall. This season is ideal since it provides weather conditions perfect for successful seed germination and establishment. They will also have enough time to grow into new grass before the winter arrives.

We never offer overseeding in the spring, as it'll result in weeds since it delays the application of pre-emergent weed control treatments. Not only that but as summer rolls around, the grass will still be young and unable to tolerate the extreme heat of the season. By offering this service in the fall, we set up the seeds for success so you can get optimal results.

Pair Our Overseeding Service With Core Aeration to Get the Best Results

While we offer our overseeding service independently, you can get the best results by pairing it with core aeration! For our aeration service, we'll pull up plugs of soil to loosen compaction and create tiny holes in the ground, which serve as passageways for nutrients, sunlight, air, and water to reach the roots of your grass. However, these holes also provide the perfect spot for the seeds to fall into and have direct soil contact, increasing the chances of successful germination. It'll also protect them from the wind and any critters trying to eat them, plus ensure they have optimal access to everything they need to grow into healthy, beautiful grass.

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Here at Lawn and Landscape Solutions, we can help you turn a patchy, lackluster lawn into one that everyone will envy with our overseeding service! We offer this service to homeowners in Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, and throughout the surrounding areas in Kansas and Missouri. Call us today at (913) 238-9318 to sign up and get started on achieving the beautiful, lush lawn of your dreams!