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  1. Set up a consultation with one of our landscape designers. There is a $45 consultation fee that can be credited to your design fee.

  2. Our standard design package comes with a color design that is to scale with labeled pictures of all plants and hardscape elements along with a detailed estimate that can be phased out to meet your budget or priorities. Designs help us be accurate in our planning, estimating and building of your project and also help you have an accurate understanding of the work to be completed. Designs range from $350 for a small front landscape design to $1500 for an estate plan.

  3. Be ready to discuss your landscape needs with your designer. They will ask you about things such as:

    • Are there views you want to screen or preserve?
    • Do you have any drainage concerns?
    • How do you normally use the space?
    • Do you like to work outside in the yard?
    • Do you like formal or informal landscapes?
    • What are your color preferences?
    • Are there plants that you particularly like or dislike?
    • What are your priorities and what does your budget look like?
  4. After your consultation your designer will get to work on your landscape design and get back to you either on the spot for small projects or within 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of the project.

  5. After any requested changes to your design have been completed, should you wish to build your project, a deposit is collected and you are placed on our install schedule.



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“Please allow me to start with the ending: yesterday I received a HAND WRITTEN thank you note signed by the L&LS staff and crew, from the front office to the front line. They all signed it. WHO DOES THAT TODAY? A company that wants repeatable business and cares about their customers, that’s who. For me, you cannot top that. Well done, team!”

-The Tingles of Lenexa-

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