When overseeding your lawn in Kansas, you want to ensure the grass seeds will have the best chance to germinate into beautiful blades of grass. That's why it's best to prepare your turf before an overseeding service to ensure its success! To get your lawn ready for overseeding, you'll want to mow it shorter than usual for optimal seed-to-soil contact and remove the debris lying around that could possibly block the seeds from reaching the soil.

To get even better results, make sure you aerate your lawn first to ensure the soil is not compacted and so that the grass seeds can fall into the holes created during the aeration process. These holes will provide them with good contact with the soil and give them access to the resources they need to germinate.

Mow your grass shorter than usual before overseeding.

A great way to prepare your lawn before an overseeding service is to mow it short. Cutting your grass shorter than usual reduces tall grass blades that can impede the grass seeds from reaching the ground. Without tall grass, the grass seeds can easily make contact with the soil where they can nestle and get good access to the resources they need to germinate. Short grass also means more sunlight can reach the ground, and sunlight plays a crucial role in promoting healthy growth!

When mowing your grass short, make sure you do it with caution so you don't stress it out!

Remove any debris from your lawn to prevent it from blocking the seeds.

Another way to get your lawn ready for overseeding is to remove any debris on it. Cleaning up debris like leaves, twigs, shrub clippings, and more from your lawn before an overseeding service gives the grass seeds better chances of falling onto the ground instead of sitting on top of these pieces of clutter. You want the grass seeds to settle into the soil so they can absorb the nutrients and resources they need to germinate and grow into lush grass.

Aerate Your Lawn Before Overseeding

One of the most important things you can do to help prepare your lawn for overseeding and ensure its success is to aerate it first. Aerating your lawn involves removing small cores of soil from it. Its primary aim is to address soil compaction and allow your existing lawn to breathe, but it also provides excellent advantages if you're planning to overseed. Lawn aeration creates many holes in the ground where the grass seeds can fall into and receive optimum seed-to-soil contact.

In these holes, the grass seeds are protected from being blown away by the wind or eaten by animals. What's more, when the grass seeds fall into aeration holes, they will have improved access to the nutrients and resources they need to grow into strong, beautiful blades of grass!

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If you want to overseed your lawn to make it denser and lusher, you've come to the right place. Our team at Lawn and Landscape Solutions offers an overseeding service where we will spread turf-type tall fescue seeds on your existing turf to increase the density of your lawn and fill in any bare or patchy areas with new grass. We also offer an aeration service that you can schedule beforehand to loosen compacted soil, and the holes created during this process will provide the seeds with a great place to settle into, giving them excellent seed-to-soil contact and increasing their chances of germinating!

Our overseeding service is available to residential properties and HOAs in Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, KS, and surrounding areas, as well as nearby communities in Missouri. Give us a call today at (913) 238-9318 to schedule our overseeding service!