Here in Kansas, the summer season can take a heavy toll on lawns due to the excessive heat and the frequent activity that takes place on it such as foot traffic and the use of lawn mowers. If you want to help your lawn recover from the summer and reach its full potential in the fall, you should have your lawn aerated. Aeration is the process of removing tiny cores of soil from the lawn to loosen compaction and to create channels that nutrients and other resources can use to reach the roots of your grass. This service is best scheduled in the fall because it's an invasive process and cool-season lawns are best equipped to deal with it during the cooler fall temperatures. What's more, if you want to go the extra mile for your lawn, you should pair aeration with overseeding to get a healthy, lush lawn this fall!

What is aeration and how does it benefit your lawn?

Core aeration is the process of removing tiny cores of soil from a lawn. This service is performed by using a machine called an aerator, which removes cores of soil from a lawn as it runs over it. This can be very beneficial to a lawn. That's because it loosens compacted soil. When soil is compacted, nutrients and other resources have a difficult time penetrating it and seeping down to the roots, which can lead to your lawn struggling to access what it needs. What's more, it also creates small holes in the lawn, which nutrients and resources like water, air, and sunlight can use to make their way down to the roots of your grass, giving them access to everything they need to establish strong, deep root systems.

Why should core aeration be performed during the fall season?

When it comes to the timing of having your lawn aerated, this is a service that is best performed during the fall season. That's because aeration can be an invasive process, and you'll want your lawn to be strong enough to endure the process. Here in Kansas, lawns are comprised of cool-season grass, which as their name suggests, do their best when the weather is cool. By having your lawn aerated during the fall, your lawn will be able to endure the process and quickly recover. However, it's important to note that you should schedule this service early enough in the fall so that your lawn will be able to recover before winter arrives.

Go the extra mile for your lawn by pairing aeration with overseeding.

If you want to go above and beyond for your lawn this fall, you should pair your aeration service with an overseeding service. Overseeding is the process of spreading grass seed across your lawn to fill in bare or patchy areas with new grass and to increase the overall density of your lawn. Overseeding is the perfect service to pair with aeration because the holes created during the aeration process provide the ideal place for seeds to fall into. When seeds fall into these holes, it will give them excellent seed-to-soil contact and increase their chances of germinating.

When seeds fall into aeration holes, it reduces the chances of them getting blown away by the wind or eaten by animals!

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